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    Belkin and Zone Alarms settings



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    Belkin and Zone Alarms settings

    Post  FNEC on Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:10 am

    I am not bad a computer stuff but networking is an achilles heel.... Set everything as suggested if possible but as ever there are always a few steps your meant to do that never get mentioned, this is where I get lost.

    Want to try VPN for the first time and did as above. I managed to connect twice but on refreshing the home page for getvpn it cut me off and back to error 619

    I have gone into Belkin Router and Zone Alarms to make sure VPN is allowed and assume I have set it such that the port is allowed too.

    Anyting I should be looking out for other than the settings suggested on site?

    Thanks, Ian.

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